Happy New Year!                                  1/1/2013
Dear parents:

First, I’d like to welcome you to the new year. As this year ends, I have ample gratitude. Without your support, Chiao Hsin would not be what it is today. Seeing our children grow and learn, how can we not feel delighted?

This past year, Chiao Hsin participated in several on and off-campus activities whether they be in our community, or at regional SCCCS competitions. All teachers, faculty, and students were able to take away not only awards, but memories. Your encouragement is the driving force behind our students’ success—thank you, dear parents!

Looking ahead at 2013, we have a few new regulations. At the start of this term, to ensure the security of our school, once students are dropped off by the bus, the front gate will be locked. It will remain locked until 6:00 PM. Should you wish to pick up your child early, please call and notify the office beforehand, and refrain from walking into classrooms or Emerson Hall, as this will no longer be permitted. Our teachers will use walkie-talkies to let your student know you are here. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in testing and enforcing this new rule. Once school starts, we will also be requiring parents to sign documents stating their understanding of this new regulation.

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Aside from campus safety, we will be modifying the system with which we pick up your students from their elementary schools. Buses/cars will depart from respective schools at the times stated on the timetable. In the past, we have had students take advantage of having multiple trips; for example, we pick up students from Brightwood Elementary schools at three different times. Knowing this, students often disregard their assigned bus to wait for their friends and whatnot, to take a later bus. This throws off the entire schedule and requires our teachers to makes special trips, so in order to eliminate this issue, we are strictly enforcing the timetable. You will also see this on the document to sign. Again, thank you for your cooperation.

Additionally, if you are picking your student up from his or her elementary school, please let the office know, to avoid confusion.  Alhambra & Garvey school districts start school on 01/07/2013; Durham buses will pick students up promptly. Montebello school district resumes instruction on 01/14/2013 and will have transportation arranged as well—so please rest easy!

Once the 2013 spring term begins, changes will be made in our curriculums. Reports will be made available to parents on 01/07.

Thank you.

Principal      Wei -Mei Wang

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Our new website is up!

Our new website is up!


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Thank You For Your Support

I would like to sincerely thank all the families and staff of Chiao Hsin for their enthusiastic support in preparing and attending our Open House this past weekend. Open House is one of the most important events of the year for Chiao Hsin; it is simultaneously an opportunity to welcome the outside community to Chiao Hsin, register new students for the upcoming school year, and fundraise to support the school. The event is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of hard work. It would not have been possible without your help.

The funds raised from the Open House garage sale, snack sales, and games go directly towards making Chiao Hsin a better place for your children. Last year, funds raised from Open House helped remodel the bathrooms here at Chiao Hsin. In the past, these funds have replaced student desks, upgraded technological equipment, and made repairs and renovations at the Chiao Hsin campus. Thank you for your generous donations to the Garage Sale, and to all the parents who volunteered before and throughout the event.

Many times during the Open House, I tried to estimate how many people were in attendance. There were so many, I found it difficult to even try to count. The number seemed to be almost double last year’s attendance. Thank you to everyone who attended and especially to those who invited family and friends to attend. Our success is because of your support.

As a reminder: If your child is planning to attend Summer Session at Chiao Hsin this year, please stop by the office as soon as possible to fill out a registration form. We use these forms to determine the sizes of classes and to make preparations for our summer program.

Wei-Mei Wang, Principal

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Early Bird Registration for Summer Program

early bird 2018

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Open House



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Sibling Early Registration

Sibling Early Registration for the Fall Semester begins from March 1st

Our public open enrollment for the Fall Semester will be on April 14 (Open house)


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Martin Luther King Jr. Day


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2018春季行事曆 Spring School Calendar

2018 春季班行事曆 2018 春季班行事曆

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Thanksgiving Break

11. 13. 2017

Dear Parents,
As you know, next week is Thanksgiving Break (11/20-11/24). Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School will be open for three days (Monday, 11/20 – Wednesday 11/22) from 8:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M., but Chinese classes will not be in session. If your child is coming, please pack a lunch for them.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School

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退伍軍人節 僑心放假

Veterans Day
Chiao Hsin Closed

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Congratulations on Chiao Hsin Students’ accomplishment!得獎名單

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