Martin Luther King Jr. Day


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Thanks to all the staff, teachers, parents, PTA, and students who came out to support Chiao Hsin’s Open house on Saturday, April 15. It would not have been possible without your hard work and enthusiasm.

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August Newsletter

下載Download PDF>> Aug newsletternewsletter

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2017Summer Program_校長的話

Principal letter

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退伍軍人節 僑心放假

Veterans Day
Chiao Hsin Closed

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2016 spring Calendar

2016 spring English pdf

2016春季行事曆PDF 2016春English 行事曆 2016春季行事曆

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Open House

2016 Open House Booth Application Form(English Chinese)

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openhouse16_new openhouse16_new

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Fundraising Raffle Ticket


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Please come to Chiao Hsin Open House on April 11.

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Dear Wang Lau Shi, teachers, tutors, and fellow PTA members:


Thank you very much and Congratulations again for putting a very successful experience.  It was challenging enough trying to gather the interests for this trip, but it was to my amazement how Wang Lau Shi and supporting staffs worked behind the scenes and handled the 100+ ppl with the fun filled activities and time spent preparing the delicious food to feed the masses. I wanna express my gratitude to all of your kind efforts in given my family (especially my two-monkey boys) such an incredible camping memories.


In the past weekend, I saw so many great incredible moment and scenes…. such as : couples of newly joined parents proactively showing support by helping out on cooking, BBQ preparation, games, and entertaining the kids’ throughout the campsite one way or another.  Abby lead her team by spending at least 2.5 hours on the mashed potatoes; Andy and Tang Lau Shi for putting the extra effort heading back to Monterey Park to pre-cook the BBQ meat;  A lot of parents were enjoyed the obstacle game led by Le (even though one of the mommy complained that I put too much whipped cream over the cherries….LOL! I still can’t hold my smiles while typing…); Our first Line Dance in front of our kids (Thanks for Le’s sister!); water fights, watermelon contest; Our honorable PTA member – Peter Lin’s red bean soup and special appearance;  Mommies and Daddies circled together and chopping the chicken filets, we all acted like a little fans watching Li Lau Shi on her BBQ marinated secret receipes; Simon and Ceasar brought out their own lanterns to ensure that we all have a safe marshmallow smore experience; Tang Lau Shi received a well deserved praises for his secret cold noodle sauce recipe, Ceasar (a Hispanic Dad) told me that he wanna take the leftover sauce to home.


Another great example of how caring families are, during the hiking expedition yesterday, one of the little kid accidentally got some sand into his eyes, there were at least 4-5 parents came to his rescue.  At that moment….. no one care about who’s this kid belongs to… just show their selfless love and care to help the kid.


Kudos to you all!  Specially Thanks for Surin’s great leadership and keeping all of us a safe campsite and pampering us with Starbucks coffee to start our day.  All the tutors tried their very best to give us (parents) a break on keeping our kids with fun and busy.  Of course, the special treats from Karl(Wang Lau Shi’s son) on his wonderful delicious Tri-tip roast beef!!!  We all got spoiled having the BEST tri-tip roast beef not only for dinner but also on Sunday breakfast.  Lastly, not sure that everyone knows that when we were safe and sound asleep in the middle of the night without any worries of intruders or mountain lions, I like to thank all our HERO volunteers – Andrew, Norman, Surin, Mr. Baker, Tang Lau Shi, David, Andy and Simon with their tireless and sleepless nights keeping us our beauty sleeps.


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P.S.  I hope Norman had a real good time, as he mentioned to all PTA that he brought out his family for this camping because of my recommendations.  heheheheh…..




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Open House Success

20140412_110909 copy

Hans Liang, Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Monterey Park, attended Chiao Hsin’s Open HouseApril 16, 2014


今年的園遊會比往年都熱鬧。 早上十點半由本校功夫老師Mark所帶領的 <舞獅團> 揭開了活動的序幕,一紅, 一綠的獅子在鼓聲的配合下, 吸引了所有的小朋友, 只見孩子們跟著獅子跑, 開心極了,家長們也拿起相機四處捕捉這難得的鏡頭。 最讓我們感動的是 <舞獅> 的熱鬧氣氛也感染了眾多西裔家長的興趣。附近的社區鄰居們, 也扶老攜幼的來到現場,他們不但觀賞了 <舞獅> 的表演,也品嚐了美味的台灣小吃. 心想這真是一個敦親睦鄰的好方法. 更有許多家長當起了攤位的老闆,謝謝您,我親愛的家長們!

在大禮堂裡展示了這一年來學生的學習作品,家長們在級任老師的解說下認真的檢視孩子的作品. 同時也吸引了到校參觀的新家長們。許許多多的畢業生也結伴返校相聚,陸續的回到學校,左看看丶右瞧瞧,一切都是這麼熟悉,老師的身影和學生的作業,都勾起了他/她們童年在“僑心”時的回憶。他們更驚喜的發現[ 僑心 ]居然有了”圖書館”。有更多的孩子都是來報佳音的,有的在今年進入了UCLA丶UC Berkeley丶UCSD,UC Irvin 等高等學府,更有學生進入了John Hopkins University,這些孩子都是[ 僑心 ]的驕傲,更是在校生的榜樣。讓我們祝福他們!

還有一個多月,就要放暑假了,暑期夏令營也將在6/2/2014正式開課,在園遊會那天,我看到了許許多多新的家長帶著孩子們來報名,我們用雙手歡迎他們。今年的暑期的活動比往年都精彩,因為我們將去全美最有名的 “ 聖地亞哥動物園 ”暢遊一天,園方為了歡迎我們,給予我們最優惠的入場費用,請家長及時報名。


校長    王唯美

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Dear Parents,

Under the cooperation of parents and teachers, the Open House has successfully ended.  This year’s event was even more festive than before.  We started in the morning with a lion dance performance led by our Kung Fu instructor, Mark.  Children and adults alike loved the bright green and red lions.  The kids chased them around and parents captured the moments on their cameras.  Even our neighbors were drawn by the performance and came to look around, enjoying the Taiwanese snack foods.  Many parents helped provide the food and worked at the class booths to sell it.  Thank you!

In the Emerson Hall, we displayed students’ work from this past year.  Many new families came to see what our school was all about and were impressed by our students’ progress on display.  Many alumni also came to reunite at Chiao Hsin.  Seeing the kids, teachers and the students’ writings reminded them of their happy childhood here at the school.  Many Chiao Hsin alumni are also highschool graduates who got accepted into schools such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UC Irvine and John Hopkins University.  These students are the pride of our school and we congratulate them on their bright future!

The is only one more month until summer and Chiao Hsin’s Summer Program starts on 6/2/14.  We welcomed many new families who signed up on the day of Open House and hope that you will join us too.  This year, we have many fun activities lined up for the program.  For the first time ever, Chiao Hsin will be taking students to the world famous San Diego Zoo.  The zoo has given our school a fantastic discount and we hope families will sign up to go!  The schedule for summer is already confirmed; please ask the office for a copy.  Thank you.

Principal, Wei Mei Wang

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November News Letter

Happy Holidays! Here is the PDF of the November Newsletter:


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And please mark your calendar for the Christmas party. ( Raffle tickets are on sale now) :



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Monterey Park celebrate Chinese New Year

Chiao Hsin Chinese New Year Picture At Monterey Park


image                                                                   漂亮出擊

左也盼,右也盼,由世界日報與 Monterey Park市政府聯合主辦的慶祝新年的活動,終於熱熱鬧鬧的在2/3開幕了。今年我們很大膽的租了兩個攤位,僑心是一所非營利的私立學校,要花費鉅額租下兩個攤位,實在不是一件容易的事,但在PTA全體委員及老師們的通力合作下,我們圓滿的完成了這一項艱鉅的工作。在此, 我向各位委員及家長們深深的一鞠躬,您,辛苦了。

我們今年的攤位因為比較寬敞,所以整個攤位都佈置了學生的作品,另外還有一台42吋的電視播放著這一年的活動影片,吸引了不少人駐足觀看。因為攤位夠大,進到攤位內觀賞作品的家長還真不少,許多帶著孩子的家長指著作品解釋給自己的孩子看,小一點的孩子似懂非懂,大一點的孩子則帶著羡慕的眼光認真的欣賞。進一步想瞭解學校的家長也不在少數,老師們也盡心的介紹學校的各種課程,許多家長都願到校參觀,看看我們的調查表就填了滿滿的七丶八張,少說也有一百多位家長。在第二天的展覽會上就有一位家長替兩位孩子報了名,這兩個個孩子也分別於次日2/4註冊編入了小一班及小二A班正式上課了。另外,周五成人班也招到一位外國學生,經過瞭解之後,他相當激動,他說這正是他想要課程。更有許許多多的家長都表示在4/13 Open House那一天要到校參觀,我想我們也該為自己鼓掌了吧! 此時,掌聲是否該響起了呢?

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在此另外值得一提的是Startalk 學生Andrew Gallegos,他到場向來來往往的人群派發單張,他為了展示自己的語文,他一邊發,一邊說中文,要大家來學中文,說到興奮處居然唱起”朋友”這首歌來,吸引了不少中丶外遊客的注意,大家都好奇怎麼一個外國孩子的中文說的如此的流,唉! 咱們中國的小孩學不好中文,真是汗顏呀!

今年我們的攤位有一個亮點,那就是我們的氣球吸引了許多的人潮,在等待的人潮中,我們也大力的介紹了我們的學校,效果真的不錯,這氣球的點子是誰想出來的呢?真的要謝謝他 or 她。另外,唐老師免費寫春聯也吸引了不少人,許多外國人也請唐老師給他們取個中文名字,唐老師的座前總是坐滿了人, 謝謝唐老師的賣力!


校長      王唯美

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新的措施 – 校園安全

新年快樂!                                    1/1/2013

各位家長 您好!  先在此祝福各位家長,全家新年快樂,身體健康,萬事如意!
在這年終歲末的時候,我有許多的感恩。[ 僑心 ]若不是在您的支持和鼓勵下決不會有今日的成果。 看看我們的孩子長大了,也懂事多了,怎不叫我們心喜!
在過去的 2012年,學校,裡裡外外參加了不少的活動,不管是社區的新年活動或是校外的學術活動及競賽,[ 僑心 ]的全體師生及家長,都積極的參與,得到極高的評價及回響。您的積極參與正是孩子們最佳的模範,謝謝您,我親愛的家長!

展望2013年這一個新的年度,我們更有信心的往前走。2013年 [ 僑心 ] 將有一項校園安全的新規定;  學生到校之後,前面的Gate將上鎖,直至6:00pm。您若在放學之前必須接走孩子,請您先電辦公室,家長一律不許走進教室或是Emerson Hall,放學後學生將繼續留在原教室,老師將用辦公室擴音器(每間教室均有對講機)呼叫您的孩子,再由老師帶他們出來,這是一項新的措施,我們試著執行,還請家長全力配合! 我們也將於開學時請家長簽一份正式的文件,包括了一些新的規定。

除了” 校園安全 “ 之外, “ 接送學生 “一向也是我們最關注的安全問題。但是徃往我們為了等待某一位遲到學生而誤了下一班的接送行程。今年我們的新規定是,只要行程表的時間一到,車子將立即離去。在Brightwood School 就讀的學生,有許多學生知道校車將有三次的接送,因此他們為了等好友而不肯上車,到最後一班車時,已坐不下,學校只好另請老師再去接一趟。請家長們督促孩子儘量趕上屬於他的那一班車。


Alhambra 及 Garvey School District 所屬學校於1/7/2013開學,Durham 校車將準時接送您的孩子,Montebello School District 所屬學校則延至1/14/2013開學,我們也會準時到校接送,請您放心 !

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2013年春季班的周五選修課,將正式於1/18 開始上課,課程略有修改。表格將於1/7開學日交給家長填寫。

校長   王唯美

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Happy New Year!                                  1/1/2013
Dear parents:

First, I’d like to welcome you to the new year. As this year ends, I have ample gratitude. Without your support, Chiao Hsin would not be what it is today. Seeing our children grow and learn, how can we not feel delighted?

This past year, Chiao Hsin participated in several on and off-campus activities whether they be in our community, or at regional SCCCS competitions. All teachers, faculty, and students were able to take away not only awards, but memories. Your encouragement is the driving force behind our students’ success—thank you, dear parents!

Looking ahead at 2013, we have a few new regulations. At the start of this term, to ensure the security of our school, once students are dropped off by the bus, the front gate will be locked. It will remain locked until 6:00 PM. Should you wish to pick up your child early, please call and notify the office beforehand, and refrain from walking into classrooms or Emerson Hall, as this will no longer be permitted. Our teachers will use walkie-talkies to let your student know you are here. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in testing and enforcing this new rule. Once school starts, we will also be requiring parents to sign documents stating their understanding of this new regulation.

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Aside from campus safety, we will be modifying the system with which we pick up your students from their elementary schools. Buses/cars will depart from respective schools at the times stated on the timetable. In the past, we have had students take advantage of having multiple trips; for example, we pick up students from Brightwood Elementary schools at three different times. Knowing this, students often disregard their assigned bus to wait for their friends and whatnot, to take a later bus. This throws off the entire schedule and requires our teachers to makes special trips, so in order to eliminate this issue, we are strictly enforcing the timetable. You will also see this on the document to sign. Again, thank you for your cooperation.

Additionally, if you are picking your student up from his or her elementary school, please let the office know, to avoid confusion.  Alhambra & Garvey school districts start school on 01/07/2013; Durham buses will pick students up promptly. Montebello school district resumes instruction on 01/14/2013 and will have transportation arranged as well—so please rest easy!

Once the 2013 spring term begins, changes will be made in our curriculums. Reports will be made available to parents on 01/07.

Thank you.

Principal      Wei -Mei Wang

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Camping Photo (2013)

Summer camp photo is ready. Link below.

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Summer Camping Photo

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students that received the SCCCS and 99 Ranch Market Scholarships

IMG_5280 IMG_5302 IMG_5285 IMG_5261 IMG_5253 IMG_5295 IMG_5299 IMG_5252

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Dear Monterey Park Boy Scout Team,


Dec. 1, 2012

Dear Monterey Park Boy Scout Team,

I would like to represent Chiao Hsin PTA team members to thank all of you for your recent kind
volunteer work on fixing the stairs at Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School building in October
2012. The repaired stairs not only ensures a safety environment in school campus, but also
provides a strong walk path to our new library at second floor — we are converting one of the
classrooms on second floor to a school library for all students, the repair on the stairs just came to
play in perfect timing.

As you may know, our school is a non-profit organization. We serve local community and provide
Chinese/English language education to local students and young generations. We raise money from
time to time to maintain the school campus. Your volunteer work on our campus is just equal to a
large donation to our school. We feel your love and warm heart and it has been so touching to all of
us at Chiao Hsin.

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Our school principal, Wang Lau Shi, the entire school students, and our PTA team would like to
express our highest appreciations to your kindness support.

Once again, thank you for your kind donations. We wish you all have a very happy Holiday season
and look forward to seeing your visit to our school in your spare time.


Surin Shaw

PTA President


Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School

2231 Findley Ave.

Monterey Park, CA. 91754


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Our new website is up!

Our new website is up!

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Thank You For Your Support

I would like to sincerely thank all the families and staff of Chiao Hsin for their enthusiastic support in preparing and attending our Open House this past weekend. Open House is one of the most important events of the year for Chiao Hsin; it is simultaneously an opportunity to welcome the outside community to Chiao Hsin, register new students for the upcoming school year, and fundraise to support the school. The event is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of hard work. It would not have been possible without your help.

The funds raised from the Open House garage sale, snack sales, and games go directly towards making Chiao Hsin a better place for your children. Last year, funds raised from Open House helped remodel the bathrooms here at Chiao Hsin. In the past, these funds have replaced student desks, upgraded technological equipment, and made repairs and renovations at the Chiao Hsin campus. Thank you for your generous donations to the Garage Sale, and to all the parents who volunteered before and throughout the event.

Many times during the Open House, I tried to estimate how many people were in attendance. There were so many, I found it difficult to even try to count. The number seemed to be almost double last year’s attendance. Thank you to everyone who attended and especially to those who invited family and friends to attend. Our success is because of your support.

As a reminder: If your child is planning to attend Summer Session at Chiao Hsin this year, please stop by the office as soon as possible to fill out a registration form. We use these forms to determine the sizes of classes and to make preparations for our summer program.

Wei-Mei Wang, Principal

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Early Bird Registration for Summer Program

early bird 2018

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Open House



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Sibling Early Registration

Sibling Early Registration for the Fall Semester begins from March 1st

Our public open enrollment for the Fall Semester will be on April 14 (Open house)


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2018春季行事曆 Spring School Calendar

2018 春季班行事曆 2018 春季班行事曆

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Thanksgiving Break

11. 13. 2017

Dear Parents,
As you know, next week is Thanksgiving Break (11/20-11/24). Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School will be open for three days (Monday, 11/20 – Wednesday 11/22) from 8:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M., but Chinese classes will not be in session. If your child is coming, please pack a lunch for them.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School

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Congratulations on Chiao Hsin Students’ accomplishment!得獎名單

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