After School Program


Chinese Language Class Chiao Hsin offers Chinese language classes for students K ~ 9th grade, building a solid foundation for language learning by focusing on phonics and ping ying.


Tutors are available to help students with homework everyday! We are dedicated to helping your child understand school material and meet grade standards. A specialized class is also available for ESL students to help them adjust to their English school enviroment.

Elective classes

Fridays are fun elective days for kids! Students get to pick from a variety educational classes to hone their skills in subjects of their interests. ~ Art ~ Chinese Calligraphy ~ Dance ~ Computer ~ Math ~ Creative Writing * Some materials fees may apply

Tours Available Now


僑心為幼稚班到九年級的學生提供每週下午四天的中文課程,為您的 孩子在注音及拼音上建立扎實的基礎。


課業輔導老師幫助您的孩子完成學校功課,糾正錯誤並協助孩子達到學校的學習標準。 *為新移民學生特設『英文加強輔導班』


每週五才藝班提供下列多項課程,讓您的孩子在學業之外有學習特別才藝的機會。 ~ 美術 ~ 書法 ~ 舞蹈 ~ 電腦 ~ 數學 ~ 寫作 *部份課程須收取材料費



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