Elective classes are held every Friday from 3:20 PM to 5:30 PM with a break in between for snacks. Students can select one elective class every semester from the options below:

Music Class
Music Class teaches children rhythm and how to read music through various percussion and wind instruments. K~8th Grade.

Calligraphy Class
Calligraphy Class teaches students the art of traditional Chinese calligraphy writing, honing their concentration, patience, and Chinese writing skills. 4th~8th Grade

Art Class
Students learn art techniques to create beautiful and unique pieces with different mediums. 1st~8th Grade

Creative Writing Class
Creative Writing Class teaches and inspires children to write. Students will practice different types of writing and become strong independent writers. 3rd~8th Grade

Math Class
Math Class helps students understand grade level math concepts. Children review and practice math skills to meet school standards. 1st~8th Grade

Computer Class
Computer Class teaches students how to compose different types of documents. Students will also learn to utilize PowerPoint programs and have typing practices. 4th~8th Grade

Kung Fu Class
Kung Fu Class is taught by a certified Kung Fu instructor, teaching kids technique and self defense. K~8th Grade

Dance Class
Dance Class teaches choreographed dances to children friendly songs in Mandarin, promoting language learning through music. K~8th Grade

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