Because Of You 感謝有您!

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!

Last year was quite busy at Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School – not only were our teachers and students working at their lessons and education, but the entire Chiao Hsin family was busy with activities and competitions. Thank you all for your active participation and response – your hard work and involvement makes things better for all of our students.

The beginning of this new year brings a number of wonderful things to report at Chiao Hsin.

Firstly, our school has grown and reached its full capacity: a total of 200 students. Due to the lack of space, we have had to stop enrolling new students. We would like to thank Bella Vista Principal Hardaway for allowing us the use of two classrooms at Bella Vista. This arrangement has required bilateral effort on the part of the parents and staff of Chiao Hsin and Bella Vista, the result has been better quality classroom time for our teachers and students.

Secondly, we have decided to address the problem of our school’s aging and dingy bathrooms. The vast majority of our parents have never been to our school bathrooms, so you may not be aware of the broken door, plumbing issues, and, of course, unpleasant smell. Last year, a parent brought their concerns and dissatisfaction about the restroom to attention, and during the last PTA meeting of 2016, I boldly proposed that we look into remodeling the restrooms. This is a costly and large undertaking, and so I was surprised when the PTA voiced their unanimous support. We began to seek out contractors for designs and estimates, and we have finally chosen AB Construction Co. to carry out the remodel. That, of course, was the easy part. The hard work was tackled by our PTA members, who organized fundraising at our 2016 Christmas Program, and by our parents, who enthusiastically purchased raffle tickets. I would like to thank the parents, companies, PTA, and others who have helped us reach a total of $6,216.00. We still need to raise more than $3,000, but we will continue to fundraise to reach our goal. The girls restroom has already been completed, and construction will continue to take place in the boys restroom outside of school hours. When you come to pick up your children, come take a look at our progress!

Lastly, we would like to report that a number of our Saturday College Credit class students participated in the November SATII Chinese and passed (scores above 720 points) – the College Credit Program director, Wu Dewei Laoshi, is very pleased!

Chiao Hsin opens up for classes on January 3. We are excited for the new year and confident of our success – because we have the support of such wonderful parents and community. Our elective classes will begin their second term on January 13. Selection forms will be distributed on the first day of school.

Principal Wei-Mei Wang

各位家長 您好!   祝賀您全家   新年快樂!

在過去的 2016年,學校裡裡外外參加了不少的活動,不管是社區的新年活動或是校外的學術活動及競賽,[ 僑心 ]的全體師生及家長,都積極的參與,得到極高的評價及回響。您的積極參與正是孩子們最佳的模範,謝謝您!

在2017年的第一天要向所有的家長報告幾個好消息: [ 僑心 ] 在2016年向所有的家長繳出了一張漂亮的成績單。第一,學生註冊人數已達到了頂峯,我們共有200位學生,因為教室的不足,我們不得不停止招生。在此同時我們也要向Bella Vista 的校長Mrs. Hardaway 道聲謝謝,因她的及時援手,提供了兩間Bella Vista的教室,雖然在接送方面對家長或

會造成些許困擾,但是為了有更優質丶更安全的教學,我們只好請家長和校方配合了。第二,長久以來,學校的男丶女廁所一直是學校最難清理的地方,絕大多數的家長從未進過我們的廁所,所以您不知道廁所內的門壞了,洗手台漏水了,toilet和urinal也不通了,氣味當然不好聞了。終於有一天,一位家長向學校反映了他們的不滿,我也終於大膽的在12/3/2016年終[ PTA ]會議上向[ PTA ] 提出了<廁所重建>的建議,沒有想到立即得到全體委員的一致支持。接下來是找了兩家包商設計與比價,最後我們選擇了AB Construction Co. 執行此計劃。但是接下來的是 <錢從哪裡來>,此時我們的[ PTA] 立即接下了這重責大任,決定利用2016年的聖誕學生表演活動,舉辦籌募資金,感謝我們可愛的家長們熱情購買Raffle Tickets,我更感謝許許多多家長們,或公司或個人捐贈了許多大獎,使得我們在大會當天就籌到了$6,216.00,雖離總價尚有三千多元,但是我們還在努力當中。 <廁所重建>到今天已完成了女生廁所,開學後將繼續重建男生廁所。您若來接孩子,不妨也來巡視一下。第三個喜訊要向大家報告的是我們周六的[ 學分班 ]部分學生參加了十一月份的SATII的中文考試,均通過了720分的門檻,我們的此項計劃的吳德偉老師甚是歡喜。

1/3/2017春季班即將開學,展望2017年這一個新的年度,我們更有信心的往前走! 因為我們有您!

2017年春季班的周五選修課,將正式於1/ 13開始上課,課程略有更改。表格將於1/3開學日交給家長填寫。



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