Dear Monterey Park Boy Scout Team,


Dec. 1, 2012

Dear Monterey Park Boy Scout Team,

I would like to represent Chiao Hsin PTA team members to thank all of you for your recent kind
volunteer work on fixing the stairs at Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School building in October
2012. The repaired stairs not only ensures a safety environment in school campus, but also
provides a strong walk path to our new library at second floor — we are converting one of the
classrooms on second floor to a school library for all students, the repair on the stairs just came to
play in perfect timing.

As you may know, our school is a non-profit organization. We serve local community and provide
Chinese/English language education to local students and young generations. We raise money from
time to time to maintain the school campus. Your volunteer work on our campus is just equal to a
large donation to our school. We feel your love and warm heart and it has been so touching to all of
us at Chiao Hsin.

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Our school principal, Wang Lau Shi, the entire school students, and our PTA team would like to
express our highest appreciations to your kindness support.

Once again, thank you for your kind donations. We wish you all have a very happy Holiday season
and look forward to seeing your visit to our school in your spare time.


Surin Shaw

PTA President


Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School

2231 Findley Ave.

Monterey Park, CA. 91754


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