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Hans Liang, Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Monterey Park, attended Chiao Hsin’s Open HouseApril 16, 2014


今年的園遊會比往年都熱鬧。 早上十點半由本校功夫老師Mark所帶領的 <舞獅團> 揭開了活動的序幕,一紅, 一綠的獅子在鼓聲的配合下, 吸引了所有的小朋友, 只見孩子們跟著獅子跑, 開心極了,家長們也拿起相機四處捕捉這難得的鏡頭。 最讓我們感動的是 <舞獅> 的熱鬧氣氛也感染了眾多西裔家長的興趣。附近的社區鄰居們, 也扶老攜幼的來到現場,他們不但觀賞了 <舞獅> 的表演,也品嚐了美味的台灣小吃. 心想這真是一個敦親睦鄰的好方法. 更有許多家長當起了攤位的老闆,謝謝您,我親愛的家長們!

在大禮堂裡展示了這一年來學生的學習作品,家長們在級任老師的解說下認真的檢視孩子的作品. 同時也吸引了到校參觀的新家長們。許許多多的畢業生也結伴返校相聚,陸續的回到學校,左看看丶右瞧瞧,一切都是這麼熟悉,老師的身影和學生的作業,都勾起了他/她們童年在“僑心”時的回憶。他們更驚喜的發現[ 僑心 ]居然有了”圖書館”。有更多的孩子都是來報佳音的,有的在今年進入了UCLA丶UC Berkeley丶UCSD,UC Irvin 等高等學府,更有學生進入了John Hopkins University,這些孩子都是[ 僑心 ]的驕傲,更是在校生的榜樣。讓我們祝福他們!

還有一個多月,就要放暑假了,暑期夏令營也將在6/2/2014正式開課,在園遊會那天,我看到了許許多多新的家長帶著孩子們來報名,我們用雙手歡迎他們。今年的暑期的活動比往年都精彩,因為我們將去全美最有名的 “ 聖地亞哥動物園 ”暢遊一天,園方為了歡迎我們,給予我們最優惠的入場費用,請家長及時報名。


校長    王唯美

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Dear Parents,

Under the cooperation of parents and teachers, the Open House has successfully ended.  This year’s event was even more festive than before.  We started in the morning with a lion dance performance led by our Kung Fu instructor, Mark.  Children and adults alike loved the bright green and red lions.  The kids chased them around and parents captured the moments on their cameras.  Even our neighbors were drawn by the performance and came to look around, enjoying the Taiwanese snack foods.  Many parents helped provide the food and worked at the class booths to sell it.  Thank you!

In the Emerson Hall, we displayed students’ work from this past year.  Many new families came to see what our school was all about and were impressed by our students’ progress on display.  Many alumni also came to reunite at Chiao Hsin.  Seeing the kids, teachers and the students’ writings reminded them of their happy childhood here at the school.  Many Chiao Hsin alumni are also highschool graduates who got accepted into schools such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UC Irvine and John Hopkins University.  These students are the pride of our school and we congratulate them on their bright future!

The is only one more month until summer and Chiao Hsin’s Summer Program starts on 6/2/14.  We welcomed many new families who signed up on the day of Open House and hope that you will join us too.  This year, we have many fun activities lined up for the program.  For the first time ever, Chiao Hsin will be taking students to the world famous San Diego Zoo.  The zoo has given our school a fantastic discount and we hope families will sign up to go!  The schedule for summer is already confirmed; please ask the office for a copy.  Thank you.

Principal, Wei Mei Wang

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