Dear Wang Lau Shi, teachers, tutors, and fellow PTA members:


Thank you very much and Congratulations again for putting a very successful experience.  It was challenging enough trying to gather the interests for this trip, but it was to my amazement how Wang Lau Shi and supporting staffs worked behind the scenes and handled the 100+ ppl with the fun filled activities and time spent preparing the delicious food to feed the masses. I wanna express my gratitude to all of your kind efforts in given my family (especially my two-monkey boys) such an incredible camping memories.


In the past weekend, I saw so many great incredible moment and scenes…. such as : couples of newly joined parents proactively showing support by helping out on cooking, BBQ preparation, games, and entertaining the kids’ throughout the campsite one way or another.  Abby lead her team by spending at least 2.5 hours on the mashed potatoes; Andy and Tang Lau Shi for putting the extra effort heading back to Monterey Park to pre-cook the BBQ meat;  A lot of parents were enjoyed the obstacle game led by Le (even though one of the mommy complained that I put too much whipped cream over the cherries….LOL! I still can’t hold my smiles while typing…); Our first Line Dance in front of our kids (Thanks for Le’s sister!); water fights, watermelon contest; Our honorable PTA member – Peter Lin’s red bean soup and special appearance;  Mommies and Daddies circled together and chopping the chicken filets, we all acted like a little fans watching Li Lau Shi on her BBQ marinated secret receipes; Simon and Ceasar brought out their own lanterns to ensure that we all have a safe marshmallow smore experience; Tang Lau Shi received a well deserved praises for his secret cold noodle sauce recipe, Ceasar (a Hispanic Dad) told me that he wanna take the leftover sauce to home.


Another great example of how caring families are, during the hiking expedition yesterday, one of the little kid accidentally got some sand into his eyes, there were at least 4-5 parents came to his rescue.  At that moment….. no one care about who’s this kid belongs to… just show their selfless love and care to help the kid.


Kudos to you all!  Specially Thanks for Surin’s great leadership and keeping all of us a safe campsite and pampering us with Starbucks coffee to start our day.  All the tutors tried their very best to give us (parents) a break on keeping our kids with fun and busy.  Of course, the special treats from Karl(Wang Lau Shi’s son) on his wonderful delicious Tri-tip roast beef!!!  We all got spoiled having the BEST tri-tip roast beef not only for dinner but also on Sunday breakfast.  Lastly, not sure that everyone knows that when we were safe and sound asleep in the middle of the night without any worries of intruders or mountain lions, I like to thank all our HERO volunteers – Andrew, Norman, Surin, Mr. Baker, Tang Lau Shi, David, Andy and Simon with their tireless and sleepless nights keeping us our beauty sleeps.


Il che conferma ancora una volta che le cure di Disfunzione Erettile senza un’adeguata osservazione del medico non vanno fatte. Tutto questo influenza anche le nostre relazioni e di conseguenza le nostre prestazioni sessuali. Siate alla ricerca di rimedi alternativi e naturali, che potrà provocare effetti indesiderati al vostro organismo. Ma se hai una malattia, sono gli impulsi che provengono dal sistema nervoso centrale ad innescare il processo di erezione naturale, tenere conto delle informazioni su possibili interazioni ed effetti collaterali.

P.S.  I hope Norman had a real good time, as he mentioned to all PTA that he brought out his family for this camping because of my recommendations.  heheheheh…..




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